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As a taste of our colourful town, filled with wonderful attractions, we collected a few programs. Warm hearted we can offer it for nature lovers, for people willing to learn more about their country, as well as for adventurous persons too. (You can see more detailed information at the reception of the guesthouse).

Program preview

Tour of Baja town

Tour of innumerable values of Baja town - on the occasion of a personal or organised discovery tour with assistance of a tourist guide (Hungarian, English, German, Croatian).
Please notify us about your demand in advance in a couple of days!
One adornment of the inner town is stroll through the Petofi Island (300 meters far from the guesthouse)

The leafy green environment offers many opportunities for sport and recreation in the swimming pool, on the football ground and on the tennis court and at the water storage.
Cyclists and joggers also really like the promenade built-up on the border of the island. The nature and water lovers can walk around or navigate around the island, to bathe on the beach, or to fish on the riverside. Then you can visit one of the numerous renowned restaurants on the island with overlooking on the Sugovica for eating the famous Baja fish soup.

Sightseeing flights

Who would not want to walk above the clouds?
See Baja town and its region from above.
It may be a special gift for birthday, anniversary ... or simply because it is a great pleasure to fly high!

Gemenc forest railway

The special atmosphere of the Gemenc forest on the other side of the Danube is determined by a characteristic flora, plenty of water and unique fauna. There is only one forest railway of our country here in the floodplain (with the schedule according to actual season).
The train runs on the transportation route: Pörböly - Gemenc - Bárányfok.
This intimate excursion with a number of stops will be vast adventure both for children and for adults too.
The railway travel through the forest may be complemented with travel on the horsed carriage, with cycling, with walking tour, with tour guidance or tour following, or with boat cruise as well.

Wine Tasting

You can become acquainted with winery "Sümegi and Sons", which has traditions more than a century old. Wine tasting, exclusive wine show, visit to a wine cellar, or walking in the vineyard. Browsing in a special world of the wine production made from mix of tradition and modern technology (min. for 10 persons).

Curative and active swimming in Dávod

The Company "Dávodi Gyógyfürdő Kft" operates the open-air bath and offers plenty of opportunities for active leisure of children and adults. On the whole area of seven hectares, everybody can find the water and land sports activities and games. In addition, in the pool with medicinal waters, you can find "medicine" for pain relief or for post-treatment of injuries.


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